Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

The Lions Message in a Bottle is a simple idea that encourages people to keep their basic personal and medical details in a common place where they can easily be found in an emergency.

Whilst the Message in a Bottle scheme is primarily designed to help the more vulnerable people in our community, anyone could find that Emergency Services, Doctors etc. are called to their house. 

By completing the information on the form, it will save the Emergency Services valuable time in identifying the individual and whether they have special medication or allergies or not. It is not only a potential lifesaver, but also it provides peace of mind to the users, their friends and families in knowing that prompt medical treatment is provided and that the next of kin / emergency contacts are notified.

Contact us if you need some bottles or further information.

Business Meeting
1st Tuesday of the month
Wroxton House Hotel, Wroxton OX15 6QB

Registered Charity Number 800997