Race Nights

Race Night for Oxford Children's Hospital

We will be ran a race night in aid of the Oxford Children's Hospital on 21st September at Exeter Hall, Kidlington.

Details on the funds raised to follow.

We, the Lions Clubs of Oxfordshire, have been approached by the Oxford Children's Hospital asking for money towards a new type of monitor machines to go beside each bed. The new machines would be able to travel with the children between wards and hospitals, meaning they do not need to go through the traumatic experience of being disconnected and reconnected as was previously the case.

These machines cost nearly 5000 each. We need all the support we can get to be able to assist the hospital with their aim.

To that end - we have decided to run a RACE NIGHT.

We have the necessary gear to run 'Race Nights'. We will work with your business or cause, and split the proceeds by negotiation.

Videos of horse races are shown on screen, and bets are taken for winners.

These are exciting nights, where everybody can have a good time, and some people will go home with cash in their pocket!

Please contact us for further news.

Photo by Neil Simmons

Registered Charity Number 800997