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Lions Community Defibrillator

Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) are life-saving pieces of equipment for patients who are in cardiac arrest. They are accessible to any member of the public.

You do not need any training or prior experience to use a PAD. They tell you exactly what to do with voice and visual prompts as soon as you turn them on. They are kept in weatherproof / vandal proof cabinets, with a key code given by a 999 operator in the event of an emergency.

Defib 2: unveiled 18th July 2017, with Banbury mayor and Spratt Endicott staff, who raised money for our cause

Banbury Lions now have 3 defibrillators in Banbury Town centre:


We are always working on financing and locations for further Defibrillators - keep checking back for updates.

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